Download Tekken Games Free

Whenever any sports event begins then the preparation of the fans is at the peak.  The first thing they do is to buy the tickets so that they can enjoy that event live.  This year the world cup of rugby is going to take place in Japan.  There are four Pools in which twenty teams have been placed.  Some of the teams are very strong and well experienced while others are still in stage of improvement.

Download Tekken 3 Game

Download Tekken Games

Argentina and United States are the two teams who belong to Pool C.  The match of Argentina vs. United States will be on 9 October 2019 at Kumagaya rugby stadium.  For sure the viewers of United States can enjoy the live streaming on NBC Sports.  So Argentina vs. United States rugby World Cup live streaming is a smart way to enjoy the match being at your home if you don’t want to come to the stadium.

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GTA 5 TIPS AND TRICKS The Best Ever Game 2020

GTA 5 TIPS AND TRICKS: GTA 5 is the most recent arrangement of Grand Theft Auto, made by Rockstar Games. I myself recollect that I used to play GTA Vice City in my youth and GTA San Andreas also however with the progression of time, the notoriety of GTA arrangement expanded so a lot of that GTA 5 beginning selling quickly.


In GTA 5 you will see a great deal of new enhancements, for example, shocking designs, unbelievable ongoing interaction and genuine characters which makes the game a total bundle. At the point when you are playing GTA 5, it would seem that you are living in a true where you have the total opportunity to carry on with the life as indicated by your own guidelines. In any case, you should see that GTA 5 APK game is significantly more progressed than the essential GTA Vice City so a few players may think that its troublesome at first and they need some GTA 5 hints and deceives which will be shared here.


Tip #1 is that on the off chance that you are conveying more than $5000 as money, at that point you are welcoming an issue so for this situation you have to store your cash at the earliest opportunity generally the issue isn’t far away.

Tip #2 is that in the event that you need to execute your adversary’s immediately, at that point consistently focus on their head in light of the fact that a head shot ensures that they are not any more generally hitting them on arm and leg may get you in a difficult situation.

Tip #3 is that you ought to consistently attempt to procure some extra and snappy money by selling the taken vehicles since it will assist you with maximizing your ammo quality.

Tip #4 is that once you can get a fair vehicle then your first need ought to be to get its protection, on the off chance that, it gets lost or taken or totally decimated then you can have a quick substitution.

Tip #5 is that on the off chance that you need to avoid the police, at that point you should drive on the rail tracks on the grounds that along these lines they will never again tail you. For more info please visit

Download GTA 5 APK

Grand Theft Auto V creates about every expert that was in the past Grand Theft Auto games. To the degree driving goes, the vehicles have been gigantically improved, with Rockstar running progressively complex material science on them. The cars can even hold to the ground to some degree better. The driving mechanics feel continuously like a hustling game, particularly the Midnight Club game plan, appeared differently in relation to Grand Theft Auto IV’s unpleasant, barge like dealing with structure.

The shooting mechanics are better the extent that the vibe of the mechanics and greater stood out from the fight mechanics in the game, anyway that doesn’t suggest that the encounter fight won’t be fun, as it has been improved over the past titles moreover. Weapon decision has now furthermore been changed. Instead of the old strategy for picking through all of the weapons, there is presently a Weapon Wheel, which resembles the one featured in Red Dead Redemption, another game made by Rockstar Games. Awesome Theft Auto V draws inspirations from a wide scope of Rockstar titles previously, including Max Payne 3, Midnight Club, Manhunt, and Red Dead Redemption.

Keep in mind that this game initially released pretty much 6 years earlier and things in the videogame world have absolutely created after some time. Nevertheless, when GTA 5 at first pushed it was graphically amazing, prepared for copying the greatest GTA map anytime conveyed and permitting players an opportunity to really value the kind of gaming opportunity they never could have as of now.

GTA 5 moreover genuinely wandered up their material science engine, refreshing a huge amount of the “in the motor” videogame mechanics that people didn’t venerate from the past title and including a new out of the plastic new fight structure, an unblemished spread system, and unquestionably the best time driving and flying material science in any title – even still today.

Continuously end, GTA 5 APK for Mobile is an eminent milestone to precisely how far videogames have come over the latest 20 years or something to that effect and will go down as one of the most convincing titles in video gaming history surely. If you haven’t played it yet you need to play it as of now!

Dream League Soccer 2020 APK Free Download {DLS MODS}

Dream League Soccer 2020 APK: The new generation is fond of smartphones and everything available on it. Games are the main elements that are sticky to their hands. Actions, adventurous, quest, strategic, and multiple games simply enthusiasts its player. Dream League Soccer Mod APK is one of them which is a legendary football-game on Android devices.

This game allows you to move at high speeds along the freeways. Take the coolest and most powerful bike, improve as the game moves forward, and begin the adventure. In your journey, you need to be on the safer side by protecting yourself from other cars and vans.

Dream League Soccer 2020 APK

Quick and neat is the mantra of this game. Going smoothly but hastily will give you more points unless you don’t hit with a vehicle. There are endless rides and great graphics which captivate its player for longer runs.

Click  and enjoy:  Dream League Soccer 2020 APK

The cool graphics and chic models amaze its players and they never get bored while playing it. You can have coins and options to change your bike model. But the thing that repels its player is time taking updates in the vehicle models and paying to get some coins.

Latest Version: Download DLS 2020

No one surely likes to pay any penny from their pockets. Hence Dream League Soccer Mod APK is here to give you a platform fully customized with plenty of features at your taps. The good news here is that it comes with no charge. Means, you don’t have to worry about pocket but just to be worried that why are you taking so long to let this game installed in your Android device.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Schedule

Rugby Schedule 2019: Rugby world 2019 will go to start from next month 20 September. In 2015 rwc help in England and the world cup won the great New Zealand. This year rwc host the Japan. The fans are waiting for the rwc. The people who want to watch match live in stadium, they bought their tickets.

Japan is very beautiful country. Japan provides the tourist visa for all fans. The fans can visit the famous places of japan. For Rugby world cup live streaming watching guide you can visit the link bellow.

Rugby World Cup Live Streaming 2019

Rugby world 2019 is the 9th world cup. The rugby world cup will take place 12 different stadiums in Japan 2019. The Japaneses people are waiting to receive their guest.

Rugby World cup Schedule 2019

0 Friday, Sept. 20 Opening Ceremony 18:30 Tokyo Stadium
1 Friday, Sept. 20 A Japan vs. Russia 19:45 Tokyo Stadium
2 Saturday, Sept. 21 D Australia vs. Fiji 13:45 Sapporo Dome
3 Saturday, Sept. 21 C France vs. Argentina 16:15 Tokyo Stadium
4 Saturday, Sept. 21 B New Zealand vs. South Africa 18:45 International Stadium Yokohama
5 Sunday, Sept. 22 B Italy vs. Namibia 14:15 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
6 Sunday, Sept. 22 A Ireland vs. Scotland 16:45 International Stadium Yokohama
7 Sunday, Sept. 22 C England vs. Tonga 19:15 Sapporo Dome
8 Monday, Sept. 23 D Wales vs. Georgia 19:15 City of Toyota Stadium
9 Tuesday, Sept. 24 A Russia vs. Samoa 19:15 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
10 Wednesday, Sept. 25 D Fiji vs. Uruguay 14:15 Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
11 Thursday, Sept. 26 B Italy vs. Canada 16:45 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
12 Thursday, Sept. 26 C England vs. United States 19:45 Kobe Misaki Stadium
13 Saturday, Sept. 28 C Argentina vs. Tonga 13:45 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
14 Saturday, Sept. 28 A Japan vs. Ireland 16:15 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
15 Saturday, Sept. 28 B South Africa vs. Namibia 18:45 City of Toyota Stadium
16 Sunday, Sept. 29 D Georgia vs. Uruguay 14:15 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
17 Sunday, Sept. 29 D Australia vs. Wales 16:45 Tokyo Stadium
18 Monday, Sept. 30 A Scotland vs. Samoa 19:15 Kobe Misaki Stadium
19 Wednesday, Oct. 2 C France vs. United States 16:45 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
20 Wednesday, Oct. 2 B New Zealand vs. Canada 19:15 Oita Stadium
21 Thursday, Oct. 3 D Georgia vs. Fiji 14:15 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
22 Thursday, Oct. 3 A Ireland vs. Russia 19:15 Kobe Misaki Stadium
23 Friday, Oct. 4 B South Africa vs. Italy 18:45 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
24 Saturday, Oct. 5 D Australia vs. Uruguay 14:15 Oita Stadium
25 Saturday, Oct. 5 C England vs. Argentina 17:00 Tokyo Stadium
26 Saturday, Oct 5 A Japan vs. Samoa 19:30 City of Toyota Stadium
27 Sunday, Oct. 6 B New Zealand vs. Namibia 13:45 Tokyo Stadium
28 Sunday, Oct. 6 C France vs. Tonga 16:45 Kumamoto Stadium
29 Tuesday, Oct. 8 B South Africa vs. Canada 19:15 Kobe Misaki Stadium
30 Wednesday, Oct. 9 C Argentina vs. United States 13:45 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
31 Wednesday, Oct. 9 A Scotland vs. Russia 16:15 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
32 Wednesday, Oct. 9 D Wales vs. Fiji 18:45 Oita Stadium
33 Friday, Oct. 11 D Australia vs. Georgia 19:15 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
34 Saturday, Oct. 12 B New Zealand vs. Italy 13:45 City of Toyota Stadium
35 Saturday, Oct. 12 C England vs. France 17:15 International Stadium Yokohama
36 Saturday, Oct 12 A Ireland vs. Samoa 19:45 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
37 Sunday, Oct. 13 B Namibia vs. Canada 12:15 Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
38 Sunday, Oct. 13 C United States vs. Tonga 14:45 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
39 Sunday, Oct. 13 D Wales vs. Uruguay 17:15 Kumamoto Stadium
40 Sunday, Oct. 13 A Japan vs. Scotland 19:45 International Stadium Yokohama
41 Saturday, Oct. 19 QF1: W Pool C vs. RU Pool D 16:15 Oita Stadium
42 Saturday, Oct. 19 QF2: W Pool B vs. RU Pool A 19:15 Tokyo Stadium
43 Sunday, Oct. 20 QF3: W Pool D vs. RU Pool C 16:15 Oita Stadium
44 Sunday, Oct. 20 QF4: W Pool A vs. RU Pool B 19:15 Tokyo Stadium
45 Saturday, Oct. 26 SF1: W QF1 vs. W QF2 17:00 International Stadium Yokohama
46 Sunday, Oct. 27 SF2: W QF3 vs. W QF4 18:00 International Stadium Yokohama
47 Friday, Nov. 1 Bronze final 18:00 Tokyo Stadium
48 Saturday, Nov. 2 Final 18:00 International Stadium Yokohama


Download Gb whatsapp APk 2019

Nowadays, social media apps are playing a significant role in the lives of people. Thousands of people are using social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and much more. WhatsApp is the excellent choice of the people, but people want the app with extra features. Developers modified the official WhatsApp and gave the GB WhatsApp to the users. Stay with me!

GB WhatsApp

Some developers modified the official WhatsApp and gave the GB WhatsApp to the users. This MOD has extra and excellent features for those people who want additional features. Moreover, you can use this MOD for free of cost.

Furthermore, people use the app on their devices like iPhone, iOS, Android, PC, and much more. So, you can use it on any device because it supports all the devices.

In this article, I will provide you the information about its features, its downloading and installing process, and also its uses.

Let’s talk about the features!

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It is necessary to know the features of any MOD before to download. It has extra features as compared to the official WhatsApp. You can read the features below!

  • Although the official WhatsApp green theme is beautiful, people have tired of seeing the only one theme daily. You can change the theme as your wish in this modified version.
  • Moreover, it is not difficult to use. Its uses are similar to official WhatsApp.
  • You can also hide the blue ticks and even change the style of the blue tick.
  • If you worry about the unwanted calls and unknown numbers, then you can block the unwanted number due to this fantastic feature.
  • In this Latest MOD, you can always set your states online.
  • Additionally, you can set a group of more than 150 characters by sending invite link.
  • You can send high-quality images to your friends, which is not possible in the official WhatsApp.
  • Moreover, you can also send more than 260 images at a time.

There are many features available in this modified version that you enjoy by using this MOD.

Downloading and Installing Method 

Many people don’t know how they can download and install it. If you one of them, then don’t need to go anywhere else. I have an easy downloading and installing method which you can read below!

  • First of all, if you have an official WhatsApp, then uninstall it.
  • Now, download the GB WhatsApp on your device. Or click on the given link below.
  • The downloading process will complete in a few seconds.
  • You should go to setting of your device and enable the Unknown sources.
  • After this, go to device storage where you put the download file.
  • Tap on the file and open it.
  • Now, tap on the installing option to install.
  • In a few seconds, the installation process will complete.
  • Enjoy!

Final Words

Hopefully, you will like this article and download this modified version to enjoy the extra and excellent features. If you face problems in the downloading and installing process, then reply to me. I will help you in every possible way. Don’t forget to share it with the users of apps.

Thanks for Visiting!

Download Mini Militia Game 2019 Full Latest Version

Mini Militia is a 2 dimensional action oriented game which enables you to play against different players around the world over the internet remotely. At a time Up to 6 different players can play during online battles and up to 12 using same Wi-Fi.

The gameplay is really intuitive: the virtual stick that makes your character move is on the left side on the screen and right side joystick helps you aim. Your weapon shoots automatically as long as you pointing at your target. So, only thing you will have to do is aim.

Each level is huge, you’ll have a lot of space to run around the area and hide from enemies. There are also tons of weapons and grenades inside each level to find.

It was initial Released  in 2011 basic strategy is to aim and shoot .it has both single player and multiplayer modes. It is available on both iOS and is developed by Appsomniacs LLC.

Mini Militia Mod APK is a multiplayer action shooting game that offers you pretty fun battles, although the visuals are not advance. The fun part about this game is that we can enjoy game with up to 12 friends using the same Wi-Fi network. Challenging your friends and play with them against enemy this feature make it even more fun and delightful. Check out latest apk from here :


  • Survival mode: Train with Sarge to prepare for the battle.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play with 6 players online via Game Center or with 12 on LAN via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Epic open world maps.
  • Customize Avatars.
  • Rocket boots for extended vertical moment.
  • Dual wield with hand guns.
  • Zoom control on various weapons.
  • Fight with melee attacks.
  • Increase health, ammo, accuracy from store.

How To Use Best Dishwasher In 2019

Using the best dishwasher 2019 is not a difficult task but using it properly without breaking your utensils is the main thing that you should consider. You should keep remembering a few rules to do this.

Best dishwasher 2019

Firstly, keep in mind that,

  • Rinse dishes at first if they are going to sit in the machine all day but if you are running a cycle right away, then just scrape off the food and leave them to wash.
  • Make sure to secure all plastic dishes as if you will not do this, water blasts can make them flip over on the heating element and melt away.
  • Never stack items. The water spray is not able to reach the dishes on top.

Now, it’s the time to load dishes in the machine:

  • Load plates and bowl from the dirty sides facing the water sprays. Try to keep the faces of pans, pots or other such deep things downwards so that they could be cleaned properly.
  • Tuck the flat utensils at the back or sides of rack. Make sure forks and spoons do not tangle with each other.
  • Be careful while placing utensils with long or thin handles, they can slip through the rack.
  • Place cups, and glasses between the tins and arrange them carefully to help preventing the breakage. Do not let them bump into each other.

Whatever you use as detergent, powder, liquids or packets, all do the same but make sure they are fresh and of good quality. Otherwise, they will not do work. Buy only what you can use within a couple of months only.

Best Pressure Cooker list 2019 – Reviews

Instapot is a flexible kitchen machine for the individuals who love to prepare scrumptious suppers and need to abbreviate the time it takes to prepare dinner. In the event that you were going through 2-3 hours in cooking a specific dish, Instapot can assist you with preparing a similar feast in an hour’s time.

It can join an electric weight cooker, a moderate cooker, a yogurt producer and a rice cooker across the board machine. Our Instapot audits will assist you with finding the stunning things that a solitary cooking thing can furnish you with, so read on.

Previously, we jump into the subtleties of the Best Instant Pot by the word ‘Insta’ in its name we can make sense of that it’s a pot that is intended for quick cooking. InstaPot is a multi-useful weight cooker that can dispose of the utilization of 9-10 other kitchen apparatuses.

Hence, it won’t just spare your time, yet it will likewise set aside your cash which you would have put resources into purchasing other kitchen apparatuses.

On the off chance that you weren’t a major devotee of weight cooker cooking previously, with this progressive item you can change your cooking experience totally. Truth be told, this item is such an extraordinary innovation, that you may get dependent on it. Additionally, the item is totally sheltered to utilize so; you can cook strain-free.

The Main Features of the InstaPot or Instant Pot

Aside from the multi-working quality, the pot accompanies many different highlights too. No big surprise, it has become the most loved alternative of the considerable number of individuals who love to cook. The highlights of the InstaPot are as per the following:

  • The item is extremely simple to utilize.
  • The pot accompanies a 24hrs defer start clock.
  • It has a simple to utilize control board for you to work it easily.
  • It is made of three heaps of treated steel which is ensured to keep going long.
  • For moderate cooking and sauté making, the pot has three temperature settings.
  • The item is additionally furnished with programmed keep-warm and double weight settings.

It is a vitality effective item, and in this way, it causes you to save money on your power bills.

The item is confirmed by ULC and UL.

  • It likewise has ten worked in security instruments which make the gadget incredibly safe to utilize.

It likewise accompanies 14 inherent projects with the goal that you don’t confront any complexities while utilizing the pot just because.

The item is likewise accessible in various models.

Which Is the Best InstaPot Model?

In the wake of experiencing the distinctive Insta Pot models, presently we should discover which one is the best. The facts confirm that every one of them are extraordinary with regards to execution however in this universe of rivalry, we do need to pick a reasonable champ. What’s more, in this way, how about we talk about the best Insta Pot model that you can get.

Discussing the best Instant Pot Model,

it totally relies upon your needs and accommodation. Like for example, on the off chance that you are on a limited spending plan, at that point, you can go for the LUX and on the off chance that not, at that point, you can generally go for the costly SMART or ULTRA. Be that as it may, of course, it’s about your comfort and needs which model you locate the best for yourself. For instance, if ULTRA is advantageous for somebody to utilize, it may not be that helpful for the other individual. So you see,

it varies from individual to individual. However, to assist you with your choice, here are a portion of the realities about the various models

Instant Pot LUX is known to be a savvy and multi-utilize electric weight cooker that is structured with the goal of furnishing you with comfort and wellbeing during preparing your flavorful dinners. With the assistance of this Instapot LUX, you can accelerate your concocting time to 2 to 6 minutes.

Final Words

That, yet the machine is likewise vitality productive. Instant pot is additionally known to safeguard the supplements and hence can assist you with making sound and heavenly dinners. This is a multi-cooker that can without much of a stretch play out the capacity of 6 kitchen machines for you. You can slow cook, make rice, saute, steam and accomplish such a great deal more with this one single pot. Additionally, the Instapot accompanies 12 in-constructed programs. Presently making your preferred dishes is just a couple of snaps of catches away.

Best convertible Golf Car seats 2020 – The Safest Car Seats for Travel

Best convertible Golf Car seats 2020: New-born babies are difficult to handle during traveling so here it comes to a specific need of car seat. The car seat should have specific features such as rear-facing in order to keep your small baby as safe as possible when travelling in a car. However, when your small baby grows up and no longer needs a rear-facing car seat, then Convertible car seat solves the problem easily. This convertible car seat can be easily convertible between rear-facing and front facing positions. Convertible seats are the best and safest car seats. Here I am going to add Convertible car seats reviews to find out the best and perfect seat for your kids. Keep reading to get the best seat for your baby.

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Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, Verve

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible car seat is safe, comfortable and easy to install. It has Patented ClickTight that makes the seat installation more simple and easy as buckling a seat belt. Another feature of this seat is its 14-position harness, 2 position buckle for a comfortable fit which will use to fit your child as your child grows up. Moreover, 7- recline positions are there to ensuring comfort and the best vehicle installation angle. It has a layer of side impact protection, impact absorbing base and steel frame to protect your child from unwanted temperature. Let’s talk more about its prons and cons.


  • Rear-facing 5-40 lbs and forward-facing 20-65 lbs
  • Layers of Side Impact protection
  • Safe Cell Impact Absorbing Base
  • Easy to install latch connectors
  • Safe Cell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame

Buy Golf BALLS 2020

Download Apental Calc APK Latest Version for Android

apental calc

Everybody needs to wind up celebrated on Facebook on the grounds that this informal community is consider the most well known and confided in system on web. Presently you don’t should be stress over landing acclaimed in light of the fact that this position is too simple these days. Apental APK is the best application for being well known on this enormous system.

This application is helping many individuals to make their reality solid on FB without any endeavors. In this way, on the off chance that you need to wind up one of them, at that point you’ll utilize this application and take care of business in simple and brisk way. In this way, how about we get it begin without doing much time.

apental calc

Apental Calc

Apental Calc APK is helping many self employed to get free facebook like and remarks in speedy time. You have to join on this application from your facebook login and enter the measure of preferences or remarks that you need to jump on your profile photograph or status.

In under one moment, your activity will be finished. Presently after this procedure, you can check you that movement on FB, you’ll unmistakably observe that your preferences are increment. You can get numerous preferences from this procedure and show it to your companions. They will be amazed.

From this application, numerous individuals are taking advantages and making their reality solid via web-based networking media. Along these lines, do this and accept numerous advantages as you can.

Final Verdict

You can get likes on your page just as in your profile. Keep appreciate this astounding and fascinating application and investigate the better approach for advancing yourself.

Webcric live streaming – Live Cricket Matches

webcric live streaming is a free way to watch cricket matches online. Now you can watch all international cricket matches, T20, test and ODIs on webcric live streaming. This live streaming server entertains you free of cost.

You won’t miss any watch now..!

World Cup 2019 Final- England / New Zealand:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 final match was played at Lord’s in London between England and New zealand. The match first twice ended with scores level then England won the super over and declared as winner of 2019 cricket world cup. 

How England Won World Cup 2019?

We had never seen such an impressive match before. England won the World Cup on 14th july in the most extraordinary conclusion. Ties are rare in ODIs but in this final match England was trying hard to chase New Zealand but ended up tied. This deadlock led to Super Over in which 6 extra balls were given. Unbelievably  we got another tie. Eventually the winner was decided on the number of boundaries scored.

Webcric Live cricket updates:

This  streaming server help us to watch any live cricket. Many cricket fans are insane about cricket series so due to their busy schedule they used to watch live cricket streaming on youtube. Therefore, we always provide easy access to Live cricket streaming on our website.


Cricket fans of many countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE ,Uk are relying on free cricket streaming servers to watch live cricket matches. However, in some countries this server is not accessible like in India services are blocked here.

More importantly Webcric is an old cricket server which was specifically made for Laptop users and PC users. It has now become a major source to watch cricket matches online.

Best Social Media Apps 2019

There are many mobile apps in this modern era. If you are looking for the best apps and their usage of 2019, then you are at right place. Stay here for details!

There is a world of smartphones in 2019, so every second person is using mobile apps for different types of services.

4 Social Media Apps 2019

People try to use mods of apps instead of official apps. There are two reasons for this approach. Sometimes, users try to get more features, and sometimes people want to get paid apps free of cost.

There are some popular apps in the modern era. I will share the use of those apps and try to analyze the approach of users. Stay with me!


WhatsApp is my favorite app to share videos, photos, texts, locations, documents, and much more instantly.

There are some problems with the users’ point of view. You cannot change the theme; you have to download third party app locker, etc.

So, people are trying to use mods of this app like instead of the official app to get some extra features.


Facebook is another social media app, and people involve in this app due to its features. Honestly, there are many exciting features available in it free of cost.

As YouTube and Instagram, it is not possible to download videos from this app to save in the gallery. On the other hand, every user wants to download videos free of cost.

There is a number of mods of this app that are providing this facility free of cost. So, people try to use those mods instead of the official app.


Instagram is another social media app to share photos, videos, and stories with followers. It is the best app to make following on social media.

Again, there is a problem for some users that they are unable to download videos, photos, and stories from this app.

So they are looking for Instagram MOD APK of this app like GB Instagram APK to download videos, stories and photos free of cost.


YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world. There are many great features for viewers and creators as well.

But everyone knows that it is not possible to download videos from YouTube, but everyone wants to download and save videos from YouTube.

So, there are many mods of YouTube available free of cost. People try to use those mods to download and save videos free of cost.


I am sharing this information for educational purposes. I am not the owner of these apps or mods and not trying to take credit. Moreover, I don’t recommend the mods of these apps. It was just an educational post. Thank you!